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[Picture]      A look at the actual LRH texts will further explain. There are three LRH texts central to the Key to Life Course, although not necessarily exclusive to that course. Indeed, much of what comprises the Key to Life Course was originally designed to stand quite on their own in any educational arena – the public school, the adult remedial class and even the most basic literacy program. The first is appropriately entitled Small Common Words Defined, for it offers the sixty most commonly used English words, the building blocks of the language as it were, and thus those words absolutely necessary to define all others. As noted above, definitions for those sixty words are conveyed entirely through illustrations. That is, words are defined, not with words, but with illustrations alone. The device is quite revolutionary, for whereas every children’s dictionary is amply illustrated for better comprehension, the illustrations are not actually integral to the definitions. With L. Ron Hubbard’s Small Common Words Defined illustrations are not only integral, they provide the definitions.

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