Successes From Application

Where do I start? I have gained myself on this course; a certainty of my true beingness and an ability to duplicate others and to be duplicated by others. My confront of life and my willingness and ability to communicate has soared.

I feel like a new being who has shed tons of confusions and fears and who has tools that will enable me to live life.


Doing the Key to Life has been the most rewarding course I have done in my life.

"A man is as alive as he can communicate," L. Ron Hubbard wrote. I am ten times more alive than I was when I began that course and have the potential to become many times more so!

So much of life’s agony is just a failure to understand what was communicated.


This course is the most powerful course I have ever done. The wins, gains and changes have been phenomenal. I have changed so much as a student it is hard to believe. I can actually study now, at cause and comfortably.

This material has hit into some very basic inabilities and has totally changed them around. I have so much more power to operate from and I have regained a marvelous sense of who I am and my own ability to communicate.


The course has meant regained knowledge, regained awareness, abilities, freedom to speak my mind, listen better, hear more, speak more precisely and clearly and it goes on and on.

A miracle has occurred to me!


I feel a remarkable new ability in learning, in studying, in recovering "what I should have learned" but didn’t. The Key to Life Course has opened up my ability and willingness to read, learn, absorb and understand subjects I have had contact with, and new subjects.


Thoroughly confused and stul- tified by the educational system, I somehow stumbled through life this far. How, I don’t know.

It took this course to undo years of incorrect training and education and then put a foundation there that will stand for the rest of my life. I now feel that I have a chance in life and that I have the ability to go forward and succeed.

The course has indeed been aptly named-the Key to Life.


I have just finished the Key to Life Course. It is indescribable in terms of personal wins and abilities regained or polished up.

If someone had told me that I would experience this much gain, this much revitalization and resurgence from doing the materials which are the "Key to Life"-I don’t think I would have believed them. The wins are incomparable, that’s just how basic and powerful this course is.


  • Successes continued...

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