In cutting this Gordian knot, L. Ron Hubbard solved the problem of literacy itself and of difficulties in comprehension, and so opened the door to a vastly increased understanding of life.

Hubbard Key to Life Course

The Hubbard Key to Life® Course breaks through the barriers to comprehension
and assimilation of data, utilizing thousands of pictures to communicate
the fundamental factors of language.

Needed was a way to bypass the possibility of misunderstood words in the student no matter how poor his level of comprehension. Words are used to communicate concepts from one person to another. But other means too can be used. A concept can be communicated by a sign, by a physical gesture, by a noise or by a picture, etc. By drawing a picture of a cat next to the words felis domesticus, one can communicate the concept of a house cat, which is what felis domesticus means.

The Key to Life Course utilizes thousands of pictures, drawn by top illustrators from Hollywood film studios, to communicate the concepts needed to teach the student the materials on the course. Concepts are defined using pictures as well as words to ensure that comprehension occurs.

In one of the books on the course, each concept in the entire book is illustrated as well as defined and assures comprehension without having to use complex definitions. This is a unique dictionary that fully defines each of the sixty most commonly used words in the language. With the use of pictures, the factor of misunderstood words is circumvented and a student can really learn the words he uses and reads most often, without getting hopelessly tangled up in the complexities of grammar. In this way, a person improves his understanding of what he hears or reads and improves his ability to make himself understood.

The importance of this approach becomes apparent when one realizes that it opens the door to fully learning the most commonly used words in the language, how the language is put together and how to use it. With such knowledge, a person is able to communicate and receive communication with a much higher level of comprehension.

Another breakthrough on Key to Life is a completely innovative approach to the subject of grammar. Mr. Hubbard simplified the language into its basic building blocks and showed people how to use those building blocks to better express their thoughts and understand what they read and hear.

In his book, The New Grammar, Mr. Hubbard resolves many of the confusions entered into the language by grammarians and turns grammar into something that one can use rather than something one merely studies.

Many people have a distaste for grammar because it has been stultified by grammarians into a maze of complex rules understandable not even to grammarians themselves. Mr. Hubbard showed instead that grammar is really something one uses in order to facilitate and enhance meaningful communication, and that grammar really has no other useful purpose. He has put together the book that at last clarifies the construction of the language. The New Grammar has drastically altered the concept of grammar for the thousands who have completed the Key to Life Course.

The Hubbard Key to Life Course produces a person who is literate and who can express himself easily and clearly, both verbally and in writing, and who can fully understand the communication he receives from others.

In our technological society, which regularly requires a high order of comprehension, the declining level of literacy is disastrous. There are many consequences if one does not understand things in life, and none are good.

The Hubbard Key to Life Course enables an individual to avoid these consequences in himself and opens up to him all of life.

Tests made by Mr. Hubbard in the late 1970s revealed that college graduates, when examined on the common materials they would read for pleasure, were found to not understand much of what they read. They could pronounce words but could not define many of the words they pronounced! With respect to these people’s ability to comprehend written materials, an apparency of understanding masked the actual state of affairs: that these people did not really comprehend what they were reading. Their ability to learn had been stymied.

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